About us

Vaagdevi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is sponsored by “VISWAMBHARA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY” established in the year 1993 with an objective of providing technical and higher education. This society formed by dynamic and well educated persons with a view to impart standard higher education in the Northern region of Telangana state.


Vaagdevi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 2006 has been focusing on teaching, research and health services since its inception. The college is located in 70 acres of pleasant environs in Bollikunta (V), Khila Warangal (M), Warangal Urban (D) with a blend of professional courses like MBA, Engineering and other allied courses such as B.Ed, Physical education etc.

Our aim is to provide quality education in the field of Pharmacy.  It is one of the pioneer colleges affiliated to Kakatiya University. The courses started with, B.Pharmacy (2006), followed by M. Pharmacy (2010) and eventually the Pharm.D Programmes (2011) & Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) (2014). The college runs in a spacious well-equipped building of its own, library and sport facilities. The college is approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

We have post graduate Disciplines i.e. M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics (2010), Pharmacology (2010), Industrial Pharmacy (2012) & Pharmaceutical Analysis (2020) there are adequately supported by well-qualified and trained staff in every department.

The college is equipped with modern and most recent infrastructural facilities, such as industry oriented machinery room, Visual Equipped seminar halls, Wi- Fi enabled campus, banking facilities and international journals etc. are available. At present the college has adequate faculty members, beside renowned guest faculty in specialized areas of pharmaceutical sciences.


Our Vision

  • To achieve excellence in pure and applied research in pharmaceutical sciences and contribute to the development of the state and the nation.
  • Providing latest research, technical knowledge, analytical & practical skills, managerial competence and interactive abilities to students, so that the employability of the products of this College get enhanced.
  • Strengthening links with industry by industry institutional interaction programmes providing a strong human resource base catering to the changing needs of the Industry. To create an educational environment in which students are geared up to meet the challenges of the modern Industry and Society.


Vaagdevi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bollikunta, is dedicated to fostering Pharmacy graduates and professionals who will maximize the health of the public by advancing patient care and facilitating the discovery, understanding, and cost effective use of medicines.

Preparing students to enter the practice of pharmacy with the knowledge base and skills required to provide pharmacist-delivered patient care and effectively contribute to the profession. Inherent to the fulfillment of this commitment, students will be provided with the ability to develop problem-solving and life-long learning skills. As an entry-level program, this commitment also includes assuring the quality of the Pharmaceutical science curriculum and providing a General Education program that facilitates the development of individuals with the values necessary to serve society;

Contributing to the knowledge base of the practice of pharmacy, pharmacy education, and the scientific disciplines represented by its faculty. Also, the college will encourage, and provide opportunities for, student participation in their endeavors;

Providing information, support and services to students, colleagues, the profession of pharmacy, other health care disciplines, and the community at large, consistent with the expertise of its faculty. Also, the college will encourage and provide opportunities for students to perform similar services.