Department of Pharmaceutics

1Prof. Y.Madhusudhan RaoDirectorM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutics
2Dr. M. RadhakishanPrincipalM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutics
3Dr. K. RajithaHead of the Department & Asso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutics
4Dr. Naresh KshirasagarAsso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutics
5Dr. Ch. KishoreAsso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutics
6Mrs. S. SabithaAsst. ProfM.PharmacyPharmaceutics
7Mrs. S. HarikaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutics
8Ms. T. SnehaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutics
9Ms. D. JyothiAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutics
10Mrs. N. AnushaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutics
11M. Sandhya RaniAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutics
12Mrs. G. SusrithaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutics
13Mrs. B. SharanyaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyIndustrial Pharmacy
14Ms. P. JeevithaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutics
15Mr. M. Ranadheer KumarAsst. ProfM. PharmacyIndustrial Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis

1Dr. K. Rathnakar ReddyHead of the Department & Asso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutical
2Dr. A. RameshAsso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutical
3Dr. T. Sravanthi Asst. ProfM. Pharm., Ph.DPhytochem & NP
4Dr. A. PhanindraAsso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmaceutical
5Mrs. M. SpandanaAsst. ProfM.Pharm.,(Ph.D)Pharmaceutical
6Ms. J. Kavya Asst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutical
7Mrs. Komal KshirasagarAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutical
8Mr. Ch. SumanthAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutical
9Mrs. Reddy GouthamiAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmaceutical

Department of Pharmacology

1Dr. B. Sharath BabuAsst. ProfM.Pharm.,Ph.D.Pharmacology
2Dr. G. PraneethAsst. ProfM.Pharm.,Ph.D.Pharmacology
3Mrs. Syed Husna FathimaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
4Mr. J. KarunakarAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
5Mr. M. Vijay ReddyAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
6Mr. B. VenkateshAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
7Mrs. RahematunnisaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
8Mrs. G. ShirishaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
9Mr. P. DayakarAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
10Mrs. Manasa VeenaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology
11Mrs. P. NagasoumyaAsst. ProfM. PharmacyPharmacology

Department of Pharmacy Practice

1Dr. N. ChandanaAsso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmacy Practice
2Dr. V. Mouna ReddyAsst. ProfPharm-D (PB)Pharmacy Practice
3Dr. T Prathyusha RaniAsst. ProfPharm-DPharmacy Practice
4Dr. Kavi ManasaAsst. ProfPharm-DPharmacy Practice
5Dr. G. SruthiAsst. ProfPharm-D (PB)Pharmacy Practice
6Dr. K. Manasa ReddyAsst. ProfPharm-DPharmacy Practice
7Dr. M. TejaswiAsst. ProfPharm.DPharmacy Practice
8Dr. G. Sreeja RaniAsst. ProfPharm.DPharmacy Practice
9Dr. B. Deepak KumarAsst. ProfPharm.D (PB)Pharmacy Practice
10Dr. P. SumanthAsst. ProfPharm.DPharmacy Practicec

Department of Pharmacognosy

1Dr. C. VijithaHead of the Department & Asso. ProfM.Pharm.,Ph.DPharmacognosy
2Dr. V. PadmajaAsso. ProfM.Pharm., Ph.DPharmacognosy